Providing the tools for digital success

At Gravitech, we support companies with awesome SaaS applications that are flexible, scalable, and provide all the features great companies need to achieve their business goals.

UserPeek New York HQ
Who We Are

Innovative tools from pros for pros

Gravitech’s founders are professionals with backgrounds in business consulting, marketing, user experience, design and software development. Our goal is to create and provide innovative and powerful software solutions for professionals in these very fields and help them achieve the best possible results for their clients and businesses. 

We believe in the power of decentralized remote working structures. Our team works from USA, Germany, India, Thailand, the Philippines and some countries more.

What is important to us


We see it as our mission to integrate the most advanced technologies and methods into our products to give our customers a competitive edge.


We place great emphasis on the usability and user experience of our products to facilitate their efficient daily use.


Our products are designed to work for startups as well as for enterprises. We care about all user groups. From concept to pricing.


Remote User Testing SaaS Solution

Our product UserPeek is a software service that helps businesses testing the usability and UX of their website, online shop or digital product with real users.